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A stylish parody game featuring an unconventional weapon.
In UBERCOLD, your only means of attack is a gun with no bullets. Hurl it at your foes and control how it returns to you - losing sight of your gun leaves you defenseless.

Key Features:

  • Manipulate the telekinetic pullback of your gun- altering its return course can take out three or four enemies at once
  • Currently fourteen levels across two modes of difficulty, with a playthrough lasting an hour or more- this may increase as development continues
  • Enemy AI that will hunt you down- enemies will search for you in different ways depending on the difficulty of the game, but if you're fast they can lose track of your location
  • Visuals and presentation that act as a parody / homage to one of our favorite stylish action games
  • A dumb sense of humor

Coming soon to Steam and!

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A short form visual novel in which a brilliant computer scientist builds an artificial intelligence that passes as human… but also attracts the attention of the government.

Key Features:

  • Fully voice acted
  • Multiple story branches and endings
  • A unique narrative mix of family drama and science fiction
  • Short form, taking around 15 minutes to complete a playthrough
  • Visuals and presentation that hark back to PC point and click adventures of the 90's

Available now at: steam logo and logo

About Side Group

Side Group is a game development and publishing company founded by Reis Mahnic, a member of the Portland indie game development community with a background in programming and film

Before Side Group, Reis Mahnic worked on a number of games in the Portland indie game community. They can be downloaded for free here.